AITA for drop kicking my mother?

I (11M) start playing Adopt Me on Roblox in my room, minding my own business, until my mom (38F) bursts in asking why I spent 199.99$ worth of Robux for the Royal Carriages and Millionaire pack yesterday and I tell her to shut up. She yells at me about how “money doesn’t grow on trees” and how I “can’t be stealing her money to buy stupid things” and that I’m grounded for 2 weeks. Of course, I ignore everything she says and keep playing Adopt Me since the new horse pet just dropped. She scholds me for a few more minutes, talking about how my grades at school have gone down significantly and how I’m putting my family at dept when we’re trying to save money to buy a house. I kept trying to explain to her how this investment would make us rich when the Black Time Sparkles Fedora will be worth 600 million robux and that’s why I bought about 7 of them with the rest of the Robux I had. And then, when she asked me to get a part-time job for just one day so I “learn how hard it is to make money” and of course I yelled at her that I wouldn’t do that. Then she said that I either do that, or she’s going to take my laptop away so I don’t play Roblox anymore, this is when I got angry and I drop kicked her down the stairs. Madghosts, AITA?

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  1. This kid has been bullying me the entire time I’ve played Adopt Me. Sometimes, she says horrible things about me online, sometimes she tries to get me to make a mistake so I have no chance of winning. Also, she is quite racist, she always makes jokes about black people and other races. She also won’t let me talk to people in the family who I’d like to chat with. She’s a horrible person. I’ve reported her many times, but still nothing. Sometimes, she just ignores my reports, and I’ve had to report her again. I wish you guys can save me.

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