AITA for dropkicking my mom down the stairs after she took away Young Sheldon?

I (43M) was watching Young Sheldon (2017) downstairs in my (43M) mom’s (65F) basement, when I (43M) decided I (43M) should go to the shower (3 years). I (43M) showered (2 minutes) and I (43M) went back into my (43M) basement. I (43M) came back to see that my (43M) Young Sheldon (2017) was not on the TV (Samsung Neo QLED 8K). I (43M) went upstairs and asked my (43M) mom (65F) where Young Sheldon (2017) went. She (65F) said that she (65F) took away my (43M) Young Sheldon (2017) because I (43M) was not going outside enough. Outraged, I (43M) dropkicked my (43M) mom (65F) down the stairs, her (65F) body completely broken and lifeless at the bottom. I (43M) spat on her dead body, yelling “BAZINGA!” before going back downstairs to watch Young Sheldon (2017). AITA?

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