AITA for kicking my brother out because he’s gay?

Well, I recently found out my brother is gay, I was shocked, Not because im homophobic, But well, He never looked gay to me, Lots of girls flirted with him, But it just so happens he’s gay, That’s not the only issue here though, It turns out he has a boyfriend already, This is just very saddening as i had masturbated hundreds of times to him hoping we would get together, So, after hearing this very sad news, I had a plan, If i can’t have him , no one can! , First, I made an account with his name, photos and everything, and got his boyfriend to break up with him, then i exposed it to my parents, which got him kicked out of the house ( Our parents are very Homophobic ) , He’s homeless now and begging on the streets for food, But personally i think it’s karma for him not having feelings for me, AITA?

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