AITA for repeatedly calling an 8 year old the “N word” on Fortnite until he cried?

Hello madghosts,

Two days ago, I (18 M) was playing Fortnite with the boys, and a little 8 year old white boy queued into the lobby.

The kid was really annoying and we kept telling him to stop, he kept going on and saying “I’m 8 years old, and I’m better than all of you!”

He kept being annoying until one of my friends called him poor saying that he couldn’t afford McDonald’s.

But that didn’t work, the kid kept being more annoying calling us pussies, I had enough, so in a fit of rage, I mustered up all the power I had in my body to repeatedly call this kid the N word.

Soon, we were all

shit talking this kid, making up the most vile insults known to mankind (if i said some of them on here I might get banned)

The kid then proceeded to start sobbing on VC as he ran out of the room. His mother walked in and scolded us, saying that we shouldn’t say the n word and that her boy has to go to therapy now.

Am I the asshole?

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What do you think?

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