AITA for roleplaying as Walter White during sex?

I know the title sounds bad but please hear me out.

I (37M) and my wife (25F) have had complications with sex our entire marriage (4 years), but recently we’ve started having more and more sex recently! I love my wife, and she loves me I think.

Now onto the story: I have been a massive breaking bad fan for years, I have all the merch and funko pops. But my wife thinks it’s an “unhealthy obsession”, which is just completely and utterly false! We were in the mood 2 days ago and we started having hot steamy sex, and while I was grunting I said “Oh yeah Jesse, im gonna cook up your boy pussy!” And my wife instantly said “WHAT!?” And I, realising my mistake, said “Nothing, probably just the wind.”

We continued going at it and we were reaching the climax, as soon as I came I yelled “Jesse! Feel my crystal blue cum!” And my wife threw me off instantly and yelled “I’m done! I hate you and I hate your stupid breaking bad obsession, and I’ve been fucking another guy because you won’t shut up about ‘Better Call Saul’ and how ‘Kim’ is a better wife than me!”.

As she was yelling more about how breaking bad is ruining me I told her “you’re acting just like skyler!” And she yelled that we are getting a divorce.

She has now moved into a motel and I’ve been thinking about what happened, I personally don’t believe I’m in the wrong, but I want to hear it from Madghosts.


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What do you think?

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