AITA for shilling my Minecraft Mod?

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This is a shill post.

This didn’t happen today. All hail the Overlord Sir Dr. Reverend Cheesecake III. Not a throwaway. I don’t have 3 arms. So Madghosts the following events started last week when my friends (12, 37, 14, and 69) were playing Minecraft (non-gamers wouldn’t know it, it’s kinda a deep cut) and I (M420) had a great idea for a mod. Side note for those who don’t know: There are two versions of Minecraft; Java (not the coffee you daft slut) and Bedrock (not good for sleeping on). Bedrock doesn’t have a lot of mods which is what we play. Anyways I went radio silent for a few days while creating my mod and now I need people to download it. My friends already did but I decided I needed more juice. I decided to shill my mod on various submadghostss but they started to ban me for inappropriate content.

r/tinder banned me even though I used the woo hoo wacky phrase they love, I even said military encrypted.

r/wsb banned me cause I didn’t lose enough money in GME and BBBY

r/pics banned me cause my mod isn’t a pic

r/funny banned me cause they don’t understand true humor

r/politicalmemes banned me cause I’m too based for their tastes

r/rule34shrek banned me because there’s no Shrek in the mod and Fionas dick wasn’t big enough The list could go on but to get the point all these mods keep calling me a shill and removing my posts because they don’t like advertisements. My posts aren’t supposed to be advertisements though, they’re supposed to be PSAs about my shiny new mod. I thought madghosts would understand but these haters don’t respect the amount of cum I put into my mod.

So r/amitheasshole am I the asshole? I just want to succeed with my mod. Before you judge me try it out with the link below [](

TL;DR I’m shilling a mod you wet towels

#AITA #shilling #Minecraft #Mod

What do you think?

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