AITA for showing my daughter a clip from South Park?

I’m writing to settle a debate between me and my SIL.

My family has weekly movie nights where we take turns picking the film. Last week was my older daughter Alana’s (10F) turn. She wanted to watch that new Fantastic Beasts movie. There’s a part where one of the characters, Theseus, has to be busted out of wizard jail. When we got to that part, my husband and I started joking about the “crab people” guarding the prison and singing the crab people chant from South Park.

Cut to the following Sunday. We’re at my parents in-law’s house after church. Alana is goofing off with her sister and cousins. She got ahold of a couple of barbecue tongs and showing her cousins the crab shuffle/dance from the movie and singing the song from South Park.

My SIL immediately recognized where the reference was from. Which surprised me as she doesn’t look like someone who would actually watch South Park, let alone enjoy it. She is the type of mom who doesn’t let her thirteen year old watch PG-13 movies and strictly monitors what her boys are watching. She started to rip me a verbal new one for letting my daughter watch South Park. My husband and a couple other in-laws agree that the clip was pretty tame and there was no harm in letting Alana watch it. After all, it’s not like we sat her in front of the tv and binge watched the entire series.

My parents in laws and a few other relatives think that I shouldn’t have let Alana watch that clip. I should have just told her it was from a grownup’s TV show and leave it at that.

So the question is. AITA for letting my ten-year-old daughter watch a clip from South Park? Here is what needs to be considered:

1) It was a short clip, about two minutes long.

2) There were no swear words, sexual references, or anything that would make it (as far as I’m concerned) age-inappropriate.

3) It wasn’t like I was actively letting her watch the show. It was something to satiate her curiosity.

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