AITA for suggestively eating banana?

I’m a 36m and I work as a programmer in a medium sized office with probably around 20 people in the office at one time. One of our older employees retired this year and HR brought in a young woman to work.

I often enjoy eating a banana for a quick break if I’m working on something and don’t want to leave my desk. Yesterday was one of these days. I ate my banana, threw out the skin and went back to work.

Today I was hauled into HRs office.

Someone has made a complaint that I was making aggressive and unwanted sexual advances towards them. I’m baffled, I asked who and when this happened?

Sure enough, it was new girl and they said it was yesterday.

I tell HR I left my desk twice yesterday to go to the bathroom but I had no contact with new girl. I haven’t spoken to her in about a week.

Then HR tells me that she has accused me of making suggestive gestures and inappropriately eating my banana in her direction. She wants me fired or she will sue.

I’m outraged. I tell them I have done NOTHING wrong. I ate a banana at my desk, like a normal person would eat a banana, there was nothing inappropriate about it.

HR suggested I write a letter of apology to new girl and refrain from bringing bananas to work. I refused as I’ve literally done nothing wrong in my opinion.

HR said I need to consider the potential hostile work environment I’m creating if I continue to bring bananas to work.

I thanked them for their time, left the meeting and started asking around about my banana eating habits. Everyone I know doesn’t see an issue with it but a few people have said if I’m making her uncomfortable, maybe I should just stop.


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What do you think?

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