AITA for taking away my brother’s (10m) driver’s license

i know i maybe sound rude but hear me (67m) out

so my brother (10m) has a driver’s license and has a car (2020 honda accord hybrid stolen), my (67m) brother (10m) commited vehicular (2020 honda accord hybrid stolen) manslaughter (womanslaughter aswell), 3 men and 2 women

he (10m) got 3 years in jail but became 2 years because he killed more men than women, i (67m) took away his (10m) driver’s license in prison and the guard (black) told me that i (67m) was an asshole for taking my brother’s (10m) driver’s license so after that i actually felt like an asshole but i want some confirmation if im right or wrong so am i the asshole

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