AITA for telling my black friend that his existence is an example of forced diversity?

To put it simply, I’m a gamer, a die hard one in fact. I’m someone who absolutely despises politics in my video games. I remember coming home from school ready to play apolitical gems such as Bioshock and MGS with a nice plate of chicken nuggies (my mom made) at my side.
But those days are over, now its normal for a black person to not be a walking stereotype, and for women to no longer just be sex objects. Whenever I see 2 women kissing in my games (not in porn) I almost cry and think of how the neo-Marxist-SJW-gay agenda has ruined video games and traditional gaming values.

And after learning about this, I realize that my only black friend I have is political! It’s sad to say that as we’ve been friends since the good ol MW2 lobbies. He didn’t approve of me saying the n-word constantly but we still got along!

So I decided to tell him that I didn’t approve of him inserting his political agenda into my life and I cut all ties with him. Although he didn’t really seem to care when I told him, he just called me a racist basement dweller without a job. (Him calling me a racist is the only part that isn’t true) Our relationship kinda fell out of place when I accidentally called him a racial slur. (Heated gamer moment)

Anyways I just wrote this to see if you guys think I did the right thing, so Madghosts AITA?

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What do you think?

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  1. To say that, I’m a player, really hard. I’m definitely someone who destroys politics in the video game, and I’m ready to go back to school and play a good chicken bowl by my side and political bells like the Bushuk and Mags.
    But today is, now the black man walks on the view, and the top for women is no longer a sexual target. When I see two girls kissing at my game, not in porn, they cry almost and destroy New Marxite-SG-G*** video games and the traditional value of the game.

    And after this apprentice, I realize that my only black friend is a politician, a sad word when we become friends because of the good thumb 2 lobby, he didn’t say I’m always in the word, but we still meet!

    So I brought that politician into my life and decided to cut off all ties and tell him. But when he saw him, he actually saw him, he called home where he was gonna be like he didn’t work. My racist name is the only part that’s not true. Our relationship was abandoned from the place when it was called Raiel Slore as a playtime event.

    Anyway, I just wrote this if you think the guy has the right thing, what’s Lydet?

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