All ugly looking people are abusive, manipulative, subhumans

I have cacophobia (I’m disgusted by ugly people) and it’s so severe that it causes me insomnia. I have trouble sleeping at night, because of ugly people; images of them flash into my head. On that note, here’s an idea no one seems to think of: do something to suppress ugly looking/non-beautiful people (anyone 6/10 & below), and suppress their presence entirely, so that the money, energy, and resources keeping their pathetic, useless lives going can be distributed to the rest of the people. And so that their toxicity can be surprised (I’m being serious, FYI, I think this would legitimately be the ideal solution, even if it’s practically unworkable in reality. If you think this is a joke, just leave; don’t upvote, don’t reply to this. Just sincerely shove off, if you don’t think this is a serious issue that needs sorting out, because you’re part of the problem if that’s the case)

Ugly people generally hold no value and are manipulative people, almost all the time. It’s perfectly okay to judge by the cover when the cover looks like garbage. Please understand that its normal & okay to judge people by their appearance. Good looks = good person who has value and worth, bad looks = bad person, who is vile, abusive, and useless. No one who does not have good looks is of value as a human being. Judging people by their covers is entirely okay to do when the cover looks like garbage. Ugly people are all vile, disgusting trash, and most of them are abusive people, and honestly, there needs to be more of a concerted societal effort to push back against them. I’m sick of people using “its not their fault” as an excuse, as well. Like, who cares at all about culpability, when we’re talking about something that is literally proven via clinical studies to be a burden on the human race? All ugly looking people are trash, and they’ll remain that way. There is absolutely no such concept as an ugly looking person with value or worth, because that simply isn’t a concept that makes any sense. One day I really hope that ugly looking people get what they have coming to them–maybe we can wake up and realise that certain “ideas” to get rid of them from our race isn’t so “immoral” after all.

The most horrifying thing about ugly people, is that some of them actually do achieve things, some of them are happy, and some of them have what society deems to be “value”. Some of them are “good” by traditional standards. But it’s that fact that is so abusive and wrong—That isn’t right. It isn’t right ugly looking subhuman creatures masquerade as valid members of society. It just sickens me and I can’t stand it So no, the defence that “some ugly people are good people” is not valid at all. Ugly people are always bad; that is never going to change. You’re not bad because you’re unloved (you’re loved TOO much) you’re not bad because its impossible for you to achieve anything; no, you’re bad because its what you are, and what you are is bad and toxic by nature.

So, ugly people, please stop using the manipulation of “worth” to masqurade as human beings. You’re all just miserable subhumans and its what you’ll always be. I am so fucking sick of people expecting me to judge others by their “personality”, I’m sick of having to live in a world where ugly people are allowed to have “value”. It angers me, and something legitimately needs to be done about it. We need to start getting rid of ugly people somehow.

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