Am I downbad or is this normal?

So my parents left for a business trip and that left me home alone. I was bored out my mind and really lonely so I decided to get some shaving cream and shave all my body and facial hair off. After I did that I went to the store to buy some feminine accessories such as makeup, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, bows, eyeliner, nail polish, bras, necklaces, and a long straight curly brown wig. After that I went to buy a long sleeve white dress. I took about an half an hour to get fully dressed, and what do you know I looked at myself in the mirror, and I made such a beautiful girl even tho I’m a guy. I’m pretty skinny and I don’t have many masculine features so it would be hard for y’all to tell if I was a guy. I never crossdressed before but I was so excited and happy with myself. I was so shocked how well I pulled off the look to look like a beautiful hot girl so I did some business with myself in the bathroom while being dolled up as a femboy. It was the most fun I had in months, I’m I down bad or is this normal? Im straight btw if anyone is wondering.

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