Am I the asshole for smacking my wife after she wouldn’t understand the morbius lore and why I did my crimes?

So me (42m) my wife (13f) found out I had a 50 million dollar bounty on my head for rape sexual assault bomb threats terroism 1st degree murder and saluting hitler in canada Then she ask why I would do this and never tell her I said “FOR THE LORE OF MORBIUS” she still didn’t understand so I made her watch morbius for 10 hours straight and she said it was a terrible movie and she doesn’t understand the lore and that I am a terrible piece of shit So I tried explaining the lore to her and she still didn’t understand and tried to leave so I then grabbed her hand and smacked her then proceeded to beat her senseless and she is now in the hospital with 3 broken ribs her skull has been cracked and her left arm broken and her left leg shattered and she now suffers from permeant brain damage Am I the asshole?

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