Am i transphobic?

Is it transphobic that I don’t see **transgenders** as the opposed gender they were born???? I see MTF transgenders as male born, but not negatively… because I know that men can be superior to women as we are killing it in women sports, and we have even won the woman of the year award when Bruce Jenner came out as Kaitlyn, men can be better than women at anything but if you are born male you are male born not female you can call yourself a woman, but you can’t conceive and give birth to a baby and as for the FTM you can’t impregnate a woman either you can pretend to be us, but you are not as you were born female not male. Now explain to me how am I transphobic, what did I say that was transphobic? I didn’t shame you for being transgender, I like trans people.


What do you think?

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