America 2030 [Found on 4Chan]

>America, 2030

>My brainchip awakes me as it releases my anti depressant smartmed™ into my bloodstream

>My Amazon™ Alexa™ Homepod™ is broken per a failed update, I am late for breakfast

>I dare not attempt fix the alarm as I could be accused of corporate espionage

>As accrid dust from the sandstorms fill my lungs I croak “Cortana, what is the forecast for today?”

>Cortana tells me that the drought will continue despite UN-BMG climate modification operations

>Go to Starbuck™ feeding area, order some McDonalds™ maggot cubes from the vending machine, pay $¥1200 for 250ml of Nestlé™ springs™ nutriti water plus tip

>Pay $¥12,000 to book my spot for tonight in the smartpod™

>The Tesla™ bus docks to Mixed Building No. 2938

>Scan my vaccination tattoo, and rent my workspace for the day ($¥7550) to board the bus

>Watch my mandatory 10 minutes network news, the US president is attending the anniversary of the Chinese Taiwan

>My open plan work pod is in a massive “open source workspace” full of people working for different employers
>rent my Zoom™ VR headset for the day, it’s seen better days

>an Ear-piercing alarm gets me back into productivity and fines me

>Lunch time, the UN™ sustenance tube dispenses Amazon™ paste™ directly into my mouth

>Finish off shift, give mandatory blood samples

>See a guy sitting outside of the office

>must be a white supremacist, I rush back and call the Microsoft™ Protection Team who take him away for everyone’s safety

>Scan my retina, blood samples, and take mandatory COVID-30™ vaccination shot to unlock Airbnb™ living pod

>friend lends a LaundryPass™ to Nikelean™ myself

>Report her to the Airbnb™ DHS officer from PodLife™ for terrorism

>Watch dozens of 5 second video clips on tiktok™

>It’s Nikebed™ time, Google™ neural implant puts me into the legal minimum definition of nikesleep™ after I pray to Saint Floyd

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