american psycho 2

Haven’t watched the movie yet but I will soon and from what I already know, this movie blows…really hard (3/10 rotten tomatoes). The title was supposed to be like it’s book counterpart, “The girl who wouldn’t die”, but one director said that the story reminds him of American Psycho and, while everyone else told him to back off, the movie was eventually renamed to AP2: All american girl…for some reason…also to keep in sight Bateman’s deeds in this movie, they added a stupid scene where the protagonist, Rachel Newman (in the flashback scene she was 12) was stuck in a chair while her drugged babysitter, who was also Bateman’s girlfriend in this movie. Rachel breaks free and sees that her babysitter starts to slowly die. She grabs a screwdriver or some tool of that size and fucking stabs Bateman in the back. And that’s it! The link to the first movie. The plot isn’t really worth discussing cuz it’s not anything special. And both sadly and fortunately, Bale didn’t play as Bateman here, in fact this is a new actor, different from the one from Rules of Attraction and guess what, no matter how hard you try, you can’t find a photo of his face, all that has ever been seen of that new Bateman actor is his back…fucking why

Also Rachel’s actor is Meg from family guy
10/4 movie rotten tomatoes

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