Amongus is my only friend

Be me, always bullied and having
no friends at school. One day, i
was crying on the playground all
alone at the end of the day when a
lumpy, iconic shadow approaches
me. “A……. Amongoose…?” I say.
The amongus says nothing and
plops right down next to me. I just
sit there with him, looking at our
shadows cast on the ground for
what seemed like eternity, wishing
this moment will never end.
Suddenly, Amogus heaves a deep,
heavy sigh and mutters “Who’s
Joe?” To which I tried to reply, ”
don’t know, I don’t have any frien-
boomed Amogus, as he quickly
bends me over and takes off my
Green Lantern briefs to reveal
my sweaty, pungent boipus. He
then takes out his massive sussy
dong and inserted it right into me.
I barely handled length but good
heavens the girth, oh God the
girth…. I took it for Amogus but it
hurt so much.
After an eternity he groans, “I’m
gonna……. I’M GONNA COOOOOM!!”
Then the sussy baka coomed..

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  1. I always disassemble.
    No friends in school. a day.
    jumping in the playground.
    alone at the end of the day.
    hope you are a shadi abbarak.
    I said.
    nothing in the middle says
    Come aside.
    sit with it. Contact us.
    Put the shadow on the ground.
    I wanted, which seemed like immortality.
    this moment is done.
    suddenly, amogas deep.
    Who is heaver sega and moker?
    Who tried to answer.
    I do not know. no boyfriend.
    “sugma in los lamao gutim. ”
    grows fast due to fast growth.
    down and stop me.
    Green to the UK.
    My position, bobbs. o.
    then move big scapegoat.
    she drowned and put perfect.
    hard to deal with long but beautiful.
    oh, my god.
    gerth took for amos, but.
    very painful.
    after an eternity rotation
    I. I’m the sand.
    then deceived the soak looka.

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