An in depth analogy of “Fortnite battle pass”.

“fortnite battle pass”, composed by Adbul Cisse and directed by Salem Ilese, is a music that got popular through the social media app “Tik Tok”. The creator is most famous for his other works which include, but are not limited to “FNaF Beatbox” and “FNaF 2 Beatbox”, both of which are considered to be the best of what 2022 offered in the musical department. “Fortnite battle pass” is a song about the heroic tale of the composer, adbul cisse, who is trying to acquire the infamous “Fortnite Battle Pass”, which grants those who yeld it free access to multiple skins, emotes and icons for their profiles, which is where the name of the song comes from. Upon further inspection, the song has details of surprise, while still engaging those who have already experience it, below is the full analysis of the song.

Salem: “It’s me or the PS5
tell me which of us is more your type
seems like you can’t decide
so if it’s not me then i’m probably gonna run it over”
this verse, sang by the director of the song Salem Ilese, is merely an introduction to the tales of Adbul in his quest to achieve the Fortnite Battle Pass. It shows us the basis of the story, its main cast of characters and the obstacles Adbul must confront to reach his final destination.

Adbul: “Fortnite Battle Pass
I just shit out my ass”
Adbul starts his verse by doing two things, the first of which is defining his final objective, acquiring the Fortnite Battle Pass. The second thing, on the other hand, is more complicated than what it first seems.
Adbul is trying to lower the spectations of the audience by informing them of something obvious, that is, he is defecating out of his anal concavity, which is a natural process for all life on earth, by doing this, Adbul is now able to more easily surprise the audience, which is what is about to happen
Adbul: “Booted up my PC
’cause i need need
to get that Fortnite Battle Pass”
Previously, it was established the main platform of choice in this music was the Playstation 5, released by Sony, however, Adbul surprises the audience by stating he is “Booting his PC”, which is contradictory to what Salem Ilese said in the beginning of the song. This moment is considered by many the most heartbreaking betrayal in all of the musical industry. After that, Adbul decides to once again state his main objective, which is acquiring the Fortnite Battle Pass

Adbul: “I like Fortnite, did i mention Fortnite?
I like Fortnite, it’s night time
I mean it’s 5 ‘o clock that’s basically night time”
This is by far the most devastating line in the whole song. By stating “Did i mention Fortnite?” and “I mean it’s 5 ‘o clock that’s basically night time”, we, the audience, are informed of the dangers Adbul is confronting in order to reach his goals, it being is Dementia, which affects his memory and his perception of time. With these two lines alone, we are not able to know if Adbul is capable of surpassing the enemy’s power, seeing it has already affected his memory and his time perception.

Adbul: “Y’all remember Cartoon Network Adventure Time?”

This line is the most emotional one by far. It show us that Adbul was, indeed, strong enough to overcome his enemy, and move on with his journey. It’s proof to all of us that as long as we stay true to our objectives and never give up, we will always overcome our obstacles. Adbul has received 5 grammys from this line alone, all of which are considered to be deserved by both critics and people alike

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