an unironic anime villain style final message from a guy about to be banned from a mmo discord

If you believe covid is a real world problem your eyes are more covered than i even thought. I honestly going to leave this channel cause i dont like ppl with negative mindset(babycryers) who insult and speak more ordinarily than a vagrant. Its obviusly you share a bound between about hating reality and trying to life on virtual world that is such a pity. Sad ppl makes me sad and im a happy guy. Also you are the kind of 2022 ppl who get offended literally by everything cause your mind is more fragile than a champagne glass. As a psicologist i can tell you all share a common mental illness really habitual on 2022. Corporations and world leaders have been trying to put ppl mind this way for really long so this way you became a fragile humans who are really easy to manipulate and use for making profits on their business. Keep wasting all your free time on game im sure EQ would be proud and happy of having you getting them profits! Btw if you dont like a place situation you can move country since all brave ppl been doing during whole history of humans! A friend of mine runned away from russia when this all starts over and came Europe to make a new life cause he has big balls! Take care of yourselfs and the most important stuff LOVE YOURSELVES!

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  1. All because some folks said they liked playing this MMO for some escapism. Guy told everyone to just be positive and all your problems will go away because the “whole world is shit” is a generalization and wars aren’t a big deal either cause humans have had plenty of wars. Among plenty of other things.

    Mod came in and gave him two warnings. He said “sorry if I offended.” People started to move on thinking the entire thing was done and over with.

    10 mins later he drops this and gets banned.

    And the entire convo happened in the #memes channel cause we were talking about ERP.

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