Andrew Tate HATES breakfast😡😡

I don’t have food in the mornings. I don’t like the idea breakfast. Waking up from sleep with instantly available food that you didn’t have to hunt and kill. Breakfast breeds arrogance and laziness. I will not eat until work has been done. Instead, I start my day with hunger and memories. My path to the top wasn’t a straight line. There’s been bumps in the road. Tears. Blood. I sit and remember the worst times of my life. The pain and the heart ache. Some mornings, if I really try, I can almost cry. I take all that anguish and pain then add a little nicotine and caffeine to set my blood on fire – and I enter the world ready to win life or die while I’m trying. Angry men siege nations. I don’t have time for cheerios. The universe will pay me what she owes me. All of the money and power I deserve. I am owed superiority over other men. God owes me this. And he has given it to me. But I want more. I will use my bare hands to strangle space-time itself. I will squeeze success from the very fabric of the cosmos BY FORCE. Do you understand me?

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