Anne Frank x Goku

Anne sighed as she sat in her room, staring at her wall. She just finished writing in her diary, and had nothing to do. Life was boring in the Secret Annex, but it was better than the alternative. It was alright talking to Peter and Margot, but they were both such quiet people, unlike the always active Anne. All of a sudden, a flash of light appeared in the room! Anne jumped back, stifling a scream. Before she could run out the closed door she noticed that the person who appeared in the flash was not a Nazi officer, but someone who she had never seen before! His clothes were very strange, and his hair was in a spiky style that was totally new to her. She stood against the wall, wary of the stranger, but he walked towards her and smiled, extending a hand. “My name is Goku.” The mysterious stranger said. Anne nervously put her hand in his. He bent down and kissed it softly, then let go. Anne blushed, feeling something she had never felt before go off inside of her. “My name is Anne…” she replied quietly. “I’m sorry for what just happened,” Goku told her, “But I was caught in a time portal and deposited here! My power cells will recharge soon, but until then, I’m stuck here.” Anne had no idea what the handsome visitor was talking about, but she played along. “Well, sir” she said. “You may stay in my room as long as you like!” Anne blushed again as she said this, and giggled slightly. Goku looked around, and then sat on the bed. “Thank you for the invitation. I’ll be sure to repay you for it soon.” Anne did not understand what he meant by that, however, when he spoke, she felt a warmth deep inside of her. She sat by him on the bed, staring at the man’s beautiful eyes. Finally, she could stand it no longer. Anne leaned over and kissed the stranger on the cheek, and then pulled back quickly, not sure of what she had done. “I’m sorry…” she said, as she stumbled to find the right words. The visitor smirked. “No, that’s quite alright.” He replied with a smile, putting one arm around her. “You know, you’re a very beautiful girl, but I… well…” Anne looked at him, troubled. “What’s the matter?” she said, with a sweet smile. Goku looked nervous. “I… I’m already married.” he finally managed to choke out. Anne pulled away from him abruptly. “No!” she said loudly, almost in tears. “I’m sorry…” he replied. Anne was furious. “Nothing ever goes right!” she cried out. “I have to go now, my power cells have recharged.” said Goku. Anne was in tears by now, staring at the wall so she wouldn’t see Goku’s face. He smiled a sad smile, and disappeared in another flash, out of Anne’s life forever. Anne never forgot him, though… not until the end of time.

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