[Announcement] Don’t tell people to post copypasta to other subs

The admins are getting angry about linking to other subs and posting copypasta. If you keep doing it, we’ll probably get banned so stop.

Also went to a bar last week and saw this total morbette. I immediately morbed a little in my pants and decided to put my morb where my mouth is. I went up and sat my Morbussy on the stool next to her, and asked her if I knew her. Nah, you’re too pretty. I’d remember your face. Tequila to remember, whiskey to forget. She was instantly morbing out her panties at the mere thought of morbing out with me. Then some anti-morber jerkop came up and said “Are you fucking quoting Morbius (2022) to pick up girls?” I panicked. I said “Would you like some whiskey, my friend?” and he started assaulting me. I morbed the hell out and morbed all over that guy and am now in federal prison for “Murder”. Don’t those detectives know it was a morbius reference? All in all, AITA?

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