Anon forgot about his cum reserves

Anon clearly forgot about his body’s cum reserves. See a regular ol’ snake draining by yourself will excrete the daily batch of dick juice, however when someone else give you a good two-stroke, your body reserves some of the primo quality stuff, in case it ends up in a womb one way or the other.

Thus, after 27 years without any foreign interference, anon has accumulated a substantial amount of Primo Cum just wafting around in his cum tank. Henceforth when this poor (and judging by anon’s age, younger to an almost worrying degree) girl finally tugged and rugged that shriveled up donger that anon has, it released all the primo quality cum with the hopes that the girl would just drop down and drag her cooch all over the cum puddle like some flea-ridden dog on a carpet, but alas anon did not get to procreate this time.

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