another stupid r/teenagers post

Why I hate women.

Feel free to downvote and attack me if you disagree, but anyway. A woman/girl is an mythological object that acts like a monkey. They are a disgust to planet earth and do not deserve to be alive.

**1. They are unfunny:** Women are not funny. A woman has never made me laugh with any jokes, pranks, or twists. I cannot resist cringing everytime a woman has tried to be funny.

**2. They bitch about everything:** Women always bitch about everything, even the smallest things. Honestly they’re so fucking annoying. They always have to start a world war III over the tiniest things and its fucking driving me insane.

**3. They are cringe:** I swear women act so cringe, especially when talking online. They act and talk so fucking weird and its nearly impossible to not cringe.

**4. They get offended easily:** Rather it be a simple joke or something, women will get offended over anything. They cannot handle opinions, and I know this because whenever I express a fucking opinion on a fucking gender they go insane.

I have a bunch of other reasons but I wont go any further. Feel free to attack me for having an opinion on a gender. I’ll enjoy seeing your reasoning.

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