Apologize letter

Respect customer:
We are writing to apology for the Improper simple packaging, and thank you for reading this letter.
Aiming to reduce your expenditure and environment friendly, we choice this kind of simple to reduce the packaging size. For there is high cross-border shipping costs (charge by size ) and Amazon storage costs (also charge by size ). If we chose the normal standard package ,the total prize will sharply increase 800%.
We are sorry the improper package lead to the small crease and temporary deformation of the bag. But please don’t worry so much about it ,because the bag all is made by high-quality materials and it will Revert to the original state naturally by itself in 2-3 days. If you want to revert it as soon as possible, you can reheat the crease slightly by the hair-dryer, the crease will disappear in 2-3minutes.
Please accept our apolise again, I hope that this has not cause any inconvenience.

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