Appreciate this block of fat, peasant

$35.99 a # is an average price for that. I charge $36 for SRF Gold NY and this is a far superior cut. People who have eaten real wagyu would look at this and drool. Only a peasant who has never experienced Japanese A5 would look at this and not be excited. Our Hokkaido snow beef we bring in is almost pure white, but it’s not all fat. If it was it would melt away in the pan. While these cuts render more than your traditional American beef, when cooked well done there is more than just gristle left and if it was only fat it would all melt away. Trying to get a person with no experience with the finer things is like throwing pearls to swine. There is no point, for they will think they are oats and gobble them all up. Better you didn’t buy it. Leave it for someone capable of appreciating it.

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