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1. Senator Armstrong comes out of his ball shit idk what it is but he is there so shut A: Well if it isnt saucy Y/N Y/N: ARMSTRONG! A: You are late. As usual… Y/N: Impressive little toy you got there. A: You mean my XXXXXL sized metal gear mechanic dildo? Im glad you like it, Y/N Y/N: What? A: Idiot. America has wanted this cock for years. The Patriots knew this cock was good for the economy. Y/N: The memes… A: But they left us their tiny dildos and fleshlights only toys for cowards, without trying bigger sizes themselves. Give yourself up to this cock Y/N. No need to better yourself. You are American! You and your ass are number one! Thats why i will do everything to keep this cock humming along. Even war. Especially war. Y/N: Bullshit! A: We dont need the Patriots to spread their tiny cocks anymore. We are spreading them just fine by ourselves! Every American man, woman and child will have their own XXXXXL sized metal gear mechanic dildo!! Y/N: Maybe i was wrong about you… A: Am I finally getting through? Y/N: You are not a S sized dildo using coward… Armstrong hugs you and you can feel his massive evolved but untamed cock against your leg Y/N: …You are hot as fuck! Really, i want to fuck you Armstrong. I have been dreaming about you since college when I played with balls in the changing rooms. I always imagined that my uncle was you when he was annihilating my ass. Come on Armstrong. Make love to me. A: I love you too, Y/N. Come fuck with this senator. Armstrong whips out his massive fucking giant giga terra cock hardened with his nanomachines technically making it a BBC Y/N: How the fuck is your cock so fucking massive absolute unit? A: Nanomachines, son. They harden in response to physical trauma. Y/N: Give me that nanomachine bussy, Armstrong! A: I have a dream! Y/N: What?! A: That one day I will dom every person in this nation. A land of the truly free, dammit! A nation of gay men not women. Ruled by big cocks not micropenises. Where the dildo size changes to suit the individual, not the other way around! Where cock and balls are back to where they belong: in the ass of the femboys! Where all the gay men are free to FUCK for themselves! Fuck all these limp-dick straight men and chicken-shit women! Fuck this 24/7 internet spew of straight porn and non-femboy bullshit! Fuck “straight people pride”, fuck the porn industry! Fuck all of it! America is diseased. Rotten to the core. There is no saving it! We need to pull it out by the roots. Wipe the balls clean. Burn it down! And from the ashes a new America will be born! Evolved but untamed! The straight men will be purged, and they femboys will thrive, free to fuck as they see fit. They will make America gay again! Y/N: I understand. Please fuck the shit out of my femboy ass, Armstrong. A: Thats what i love about you, Y/N. Bend over you little shit. As soon as you bend over Armstrong slams his massive BBC inside your ass making you moan so fucking loud it causes several shockwaves causing 686 million USD in damages A: How do you like this, son?! You are unable to speak as the pleasure and pain completely overtake your body. Armstrong slams you against the fucking ball he came out of, puts your hands behind your back causing you immense pain, but you love when he does it. He keeps slamming his massive fucking absolute unit of a cock into your ass and you hope he never stops A: Cum you piece of shit! Armstrong yells in frustration not knowing you orgasm with every time he slams his massive cock in your virgin femboy bussy He keeps slamming faster and faster making you feel like you just died and went to heaven and god himself is fucking your beautiful virgin femboy bussy Armstrong suddenly unleashes a beautiful yet terrifying warcry as he finishes. But there is no cum Y/N: Typical politician… Absolutely massive giant terra absolute unit of a cock but no cum… Fin Brought to you by: I have no reason to live productions
2. ***[*****22:32*****]***ima

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