As a foreigner visiting America sounds like kind of DnD world to me

Like someday I will take a plane and just land and yooo wtf? All this stuff from movies will just be there? Yellow cabs unironically? These weird ass chains like applebees, waffle house, in-n-out, chick-fil-a? Sidewalks, houses, real boomers, trump supporters, interstates, yellowstone??? Capitol, NY subway, landmarks??? rural villages and oregon coast?? The backgrounds of endless movies, Vine, Tik Tok, instagram, facebook, madghosts posts I’ve consumed for all my life? places from ghost creepypastas, hotels with backrooms? fucking grubhub app? amazon warehouses, facebook HQ, unionizing Starbucks stores and hollywood sign?

I’ve consumed so much American things during my lifetime that I just can’t wrap my mind around the idea that this place just exists. Internet is very, very heavily US-centric so it feels like a center of its gravity for years. And you can just… visit this country? Unimaginable for me at this point.

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