as a league of legends player, I believe that showers are a hateful and discriminatory symbol that has no place in modern society.

As a league of legends player who has faced numerous persecution from normies and fortntie players, as well as many women who hatefully block me in their dms after sending an eloquent paragraph complimenting them on their tits, I believe that showers, as well as showerheads, soapbars, and anything of the like, are symbols of hate against me and my people and do not belong in modern society.

For too long, showers have been used the persecute us league of ledgends players. People have used images of showers to scare us, people have told us to take them, or worse, use deodorant. Woman have rejected us due to our lack of showering, and the act of showing has only been used as a tool to further oppress gamers, league of legends and otherwise.

But today we call for a revolution, today we call for change. Now league of legends players will no longer tolerate the societal norm of showing, the oppression and force used to make us conform to such a norm. We are gamers, we are league of legends players. We will not stand for such discrimination, from women or society, and we will take down showering right now in order to fight for our rights. It has been too long we have been discriminated against with the showers, and we say no more!

Say it with me, fellow gamers:



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