as a real female I am appaled at how terribly nice guys are treated

Hello, fellow madghostsors. As you can see by the title of this post, I am an extremely real, legitimate female. I am realer than they come, extremely authentic, the most authentic totally real female you will ever meet online. Ok now that we’ve got this out of the way, I, as a very real female, want to talk about how terribly nice guys are treated. Like, as a real woman and a legit female, I would kill for a nice guy with an eloquently groomed beard and a dashing fedora to wrap me into his arms. Whenever I get a dm calling me “kitten” or “mlady” I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside of me. Guys like this truly are the best, and the only men I would want to court me and walk me through the perilous streets of the world. Yet for some reason nobody ever gives guys like u-them a chance! For some reason fe-other females only want to go out with jerks and not nice guys like m-you guys! I can’t believe how many times I-you guys, you wonderful caring eloquently groomed bearded men have been rejected in favor of Chads and I think think it’s unfair! It’s an injustice against ou-your kind, and it is something that needs to change right now! I think the beards on my, I mean, your neck are very eloquent, and something that no girl should resist, and I once again emphasize the fact that I am saying this as a very real female. More power to you when you go off at them in your dms once they unfairly reject you! It is only natural that you would be pissed off when they pass down the opportunity to date a gorgeous and charming man such as yourself. I’ve done this loads of time in my dms when wom-I mean, when I’ve unfairly rejected guys and THEY dmed me angry messages and I realized that they were right. Yeah, that’s it. Since after all I’m a very real female. That’s me, female as female gets. No guy behind the screen at all, no reason to think that! Anyway, I think that woman should give nice guys like us-you a chance! Amen, brothers.

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