Ass, Tiddies, Thighs and Feet.

Ass, Tiddies, Thighs, Feet.

Once the nations lived in peace and harmony but everything changed when the feet niggas attacked.

It was a peaceful time everyone could enjoy their own aspect but when the feet niggas decided to attack the thigh guys it was over. The times of peaceful handling and watching were over. Immediately the thigh guys informed the boob dudes and ass bro’s about the betrayal and they all agreed on planning a counter attack. This was, of course in the form of memes. The memes flooded all of madghosts, ridiculing the feet niggas but this only made them stronger. The people seeing the memes decided to do their own research and found out in what group they belonged, unfortunately some found out that they were feet niggas.

This couldn’t happen we can’t make our enemies stronger we must do something! Said the boob dudes. Agreed this cannot go on any longer! Said the ass bro’s. So the thigh guys went thinking and came up with a solution. Now I know this isn’t ideas. Said the thigh guys. But we have to get help from some of our alliances, the weebs. We know that there are a lot of foot niggas over there but they also have a literal religion around anime thighs. If there is someone who can help it is the weebs.

So they sat around a table, discussing tactics on how to defeat the feet niggas once and for all. We could make memes right? Asked the weebs. No we already tried but it only made them unite and become stronger. Answered the ass bro’s boob dudes and thigh guys. So they had to find something new. Suddenly it stuck them all at once. To get rid of the feet niggas for once and for all we must do what is necessary, we must not make memes about them. We must make them a meme.

And so it happened, r/animemes r/dankmemes r/memes r/okebuddyretard and even r/pornmemes rised up in retaliation against this wack af fetish. They made the feet niggas a meme. This stopped them from recovering from it, the group became smaller because no one want to be part of a bad meme and the boob dudes ass bro’s and thigh guys invited the weebs to the big table, the table of 4. Now the feet niggas where finished a new alliance had to be made. The alliance of scientific purposes.

The end.

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