Asses in the gym.

Asses in the gym. I started going to the gym recently and it hard for me to concentrate when there are so many guys and girls doing squats.

I always took a glance for 1 sec then turn back and continute lifting but it hard to focus when those muscular asses are in front of me. I am very sorry for being a pervert piece of shit I keep telling myself to not take a glance at people ass no matter what but it seem impossible because I just like ass a little bit too much. Each time a guy do a squat I can feel the shaking in my mind and the gym being hit by an earthquake it is tremendous like goddamn bro how did you packed too much heat. To resolve this I have stop going to the gym for a week and doing squat myself. I will get my own muscular ass then maybe in the future if I take a glance and someone caught me I will just say that they have pretty good training.

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