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Attack on Titan’s anime adaptation by CRAPPA studios is one of the worst and most catastrophic anime adaptations of history. Season 4 manages to be so bad it’s almost impossible to watch without wanting to kill yourself out of embarrassment and sheer incompetence of the higher ups at CRAPPA.

Let’s start by the most glaring bad decision that is present as soon as the first episode dropped. I am talking about the absolutely and eye soring composition. Everything feels so wrong about it, the whole thing feels like most episodes are covered in digital Vaseline which makes everything look blurry and glossy. Seriously though my eyes get cancer every time I see an episode of Attack on titan season 4. And this is just the beginning mind you. CRAPPA manages to disappoint you every single scene. What happened to the Marley arc is seriously a tragedy.

Now let’s analyze the action scenes from episode 1 and explain why do they feel so utterly hollow and soulless. The very first action feels already suck ass. Titan shifters and the CGI usage looks like shit, because the titan models lack any shadows at all. They feel so out of place due to the fact that they appear to glow in contrast to the background they are place in. As I said before, the lack of shadows on them really exacerbates their ugliness. But the most glaring thing about them is the choppiness and robotic-ness of their actions and punches when they are in motion. Not only the CGI renders run at 12 fps. Their limbs feel completely weightless and weak, due to the fact there is no build up when they are about to punch something. There is a 3-step rule in animation to make characters in motion feel fluid and impactful. First, the anticipation. When a character is going to throw a powerful punch; first, he/she must potion his/her arms in a way it maximizes the punch’s power by moving the whole torso, legs and arms to really achieve a powerful punch. Second, the hit or whatever is called. This is the part where the punch hits the desired target. There is not really much to say about it, other than the impact must feel as powerful as the anticipation was. Third step, the recovery. This the final stage of a good punch animation. The character must go back to the previous stance she/he was in before throwing the punch. This stage is longer than the previous 2 steps by the way.

CRAPPA completely disregards this fundamental rule. For example, in the very first action scene we see Porco fighting Mid East forces. As you can see. His running animation feels choppy and retarded because Porco’s render is running at 12 fps. When he uses his paws as weapons, we can’t properly see the anticipation of his attacks. It feels like his arms skip several frames. Then he magically connects his attack to the desired target and the recovery portion feels rushed and choppy as well. The same thing happens to Pieck’s titan. But worse, because the model used for Pieck’s titan doesn’t translate well in 3D environment. Making the Cart titan look even uglier and unsettling.

Now its time to talk about Reiner’s scene. At first glance the introduction scene looks pretty cool. I think the part where we see Reiner slowly transforming and the camera padding back to see his whole titan was a nice touch. But everything crumbles down as soon as the CGI shows up. For instance, the camera is on an awful angle; you can’t properly see Reiner’s titan because only his head, shoulders and feet show up due to the horrible camera angle. Next scene we see lading in a cool still shot. Then, a CGI canon with awful lighting and shitty cheap textures aims at Reiner. He proceeds to charge at it. The running animation is a fucking disaster. Firstly, Reiner runs unreasonable fast for size and weight. He is supposed to be the Armored titan. I would expect him running at a lower speed and having to drag his whole body to achieve such speed. As you can see in this video at 3:04. Reiner’s shoulders and arms remain in a fixed position and his legs look hilariously rigid. Compare that shitty running animation to at 0:46. Unlike CRAPPA’s pitiful attempt achieve a realistic running animation. Wit shows up their technical skills by animating a marvelous running scene. Just look how Reiner’s shoulders are at full motion while his legs feel gargantuanly heavy and mighty in every stomp he makes. MAPPA is utterly incompetent and lazy as you can see in next scene. Reiner then gets hit by several canon shells. As you can see at 3:22, there is barely any blood Reiner’s severed arm. Not to mention the lazy fucks at CRAPPA literally cut Reiner’s arm in half in the laziest way possible. Are we supposed to believe that he was hit by a cannon shell and not a sharp katana? Because by the looks of it Reiner’s arm is made of butter because of how clean the cut looks. The following scene we see Reiner running again in the lamest and hilarious way possible away. This time he charges into an armored train with cannons or some shit.

The camera work is terrible, CRAPPA manages to make every single action scene feel impact-less and sterile because the camera work is boring and not creative at all. After Reiner charges in we see again how weightless his moves feel, combined with the fact the Armored Titan’s textures are fucking terrible. The next scene we see Porco in action; again, his movements feel choppy and robotic. There is nothing much to say about this shitty scene. Then Reiner uses the armored train as a shield to defend himself against a barrage of canon shells aimed at him. The SFX effects in this scene in particular are painfully cheap and horrible. It feels like CRAPPA is using Half Life 2 tier sound effects for metallic surfaces and it sounds terribly bad. All I can hear is !CLANG! !CLANG! CLANG!. Next scene Reiner grabs the armored train does a tornado spin to throw at Merleyian units. Again, this scene feels completely weightless and painfully amateurish. After that the whole scene gets covered in smoke because CRAPPA doesn’t want you see of terrible their work is. This will be a common practice for them to use every time they feel exceptionally lazy and decide to not anime entire action scenes.

Episode 1 is already full of questionable direction decisions. But everything pales in comparison as soon as Zeke drops from a plane and lands on the ground at 2:41 in this video: Again, the camera angle is badly place. Zeke’s pose is also awkward as hell. Why the fuck is he making an arc with his extended arms? What is the meaning of this? Forgot to mention the shitty poop colored smoke that follows after the landing. Next scene we see CRAPPA’s utterly incompetence and laziness at full display at 2:45. Just look at how awful the beast titan’s model is. His body proportions are all over the place. The fur covering his skin literally has no texture. CRAPPA just slapped a poop-colored paint over beast titan’s body and called it a day. This already bad enough. But nothing compares to the absolutely horrible and eye soring beard of the beast titan. What the fuck is that? The beard is literally a stiff protuberance under Zeke’s chin with a poop-color paint over it. You can see it better when Zeke tilts his head upwards. This is honestly baffling to me. These lazy fucks at CRAPPA are the epitome of trash.

Next, we see Zeke’s hand grabbing a bunch of bombs while the whole render is running at 12 fps with no shadows or lighting. The bombs look so glowy and out of place by the way. Then we see on the of the worst scenes yet. Zeke throws the bombs at Marleyian ships but the way he does it at 3:00 is so hilariously bad. The first time I watched this I burst out of laughter because of how awful it looked. CRAPPA doesn’t understand how anatomy works apparently. Here we see how they splatter smoke all over the scene again to hide the shitty animations. The camera also zooms in uncomfortably close to Zeke’s face when he is throwing the bombs at the ships to hide the rest of his body moving (because they don’t want to animate it) while the whole scene is covered by shitty smoke on top of it. Next, we see Reiner acting as a shield to protect Zeke from upcoming attacks. Again, CRAPPA uses the shitty smoke to hide bad animations. I cannot believe how terrible this episode was. Yet somehow it gets worse and worse as episodes come out.

Episodes from 2 to 4 are about characters just talking and walking. So, there is not really much to talk about, other than the camera work is exceptionally boring and sterile while the digital Vaseline envelops and worsens every single scene. There is elephant in the room that needs to be addressed before proceeding. The use OST in this season is easily one, if not the main reason why action scenes feel so flat and devoid of any tension. CRAPPA’s OST is not as good as the works of Sawano. But still, it serves its purpose for the most part. However, it feels like the composer for season 4 is in love with Ashes on fire. Why do I say this? Because this song is used ALL THE FUCKING!! Time, even in occasions where it shouldn’t be here. That being said, let’s move on to episode 5 and analyze how a single OST placement can completely ruin one of the most iconic manga scenes in Attack on titan. I’m talking about Eren’s declaration of war. It’s baffling how CRAPPA decided to chose on of the worst songs in Sawano’s OST and put it in a scene as crucial as this. What the fuck did they were thinking? Episode 5 was well directed, at least it was better than previous episodes (I know that doesn’t say much) but the effort in this episode was appreciated. But everything fell apart as soon as 2-Volt hit. They half assed Eren’s transforming and causing chaos on the stage while his screams sounded like a constipated old man trying to take a mean shit. CRAPPA once again manages to disappoint in the most spectacular way.

What follows after is the battle in Liberio ghetto. This was easily the worst action scene in the whole season. Nothing compares to that abomination of a scene. CRAPPA fails so pitifully at everything it should be a case study on how to ruin an anime adaptation. Look at this video: The first thing se see is Eren eating Willy Tybur in the most hilarious way possible. Look at Eren’s pose holy fuck. Why is he posing like a ballerina? Why doesn’t the action of Eren eating Willy emit any sound at all. Where is the blood on Willy’s severed body? What a fucking disaster of a scene. Next scene we see Eren slamming into the ground and killing people. The first thing we notice is how choppy Eren’s actions look. When he slams into the crowd se him standing there and literally teleporting his body into the air to land over Marleyians. This scene in particular is unintentionally hilarious. Just look how choppy the animation is, I cannot believe the director in charge of this episode thought this looked cool at all. I’m not sure if I should feel contempt or pity for them. They manage to impress me over and over again about of awful their work really is.

Next, we see the Warhammer titan transforming and Eren punching her into the ground. The SFX for the punches sound like they come straight up of a source game. Eren goes CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! While his punches skip several frames making this whole scene an unintended comedy one. Then the war hammer summons spikes from the ground and impales Eren with one of them. Can we just stop for a second and witness how bad the spikes look? They have literally no textures at all. They just slapped a silver paint on them and called it a day. Not to mention the spike’s shape is also fucked up. It really shows how CRAPPA animators just used the basic cone shape in blender and stretch it as long as possible. These lazy fucks can’t even do that right holy shit. Next, we see the Warhammer titan in action. Her model textures are fucking horrible and her body moves at 12 fps as usual. Then, she summons a hammer in her and. The camera angle used here so comically awkward. Why the fuck does her hammer is 3 times bigger than her whole body? What kind of camera angle is that? I cannot believe this scene managed to get through the final product?

The Warhammer titan swings her hammer to hit Eren at 12 fps and her swing gets awkwardly cut to show Eren breaking the spike that impaled him to evade her attack. After that Eren gets hit by several cannon shells but we do not see his body getting damaged by them at all. The lazy fucks at CRAPPA just slapped a bunch of spark effects on Eren’s body and we supposed to not noticed that? Is Eren’s body indestructible or what? Last time I saw cannon shells firing at titan’s bodies they get absolutely destroyed by them. Even Reiner couldn’t stand a chance against the might of those cannons. I forgot to mention that the OST used in this fight fucking suck ass and doesn’t match the intensity of this fight. And this is more evident when the Warhammer hits Eren’s head and destroys it. The music still goes on even after that action has taken place. This robs the suspense and tension of that scene, making this whole fight feel hollow and boring. Whoever was in charge of this episode apparently doesn’t understand that the sound and visuals must follow a pattern and achieve harmony. You can’t just put song play over an action scene and expect great results. These incompetent fucks at CRAPPA can’t even do that right. They are making mistake after mistake. I would expect those mistakes to happen in fan project, but we are talking about CRAPPA here, which is one of the biggest animation companies in Japan.

Eren comes out of his titan form and stands still. The Warhammer titan swings her hammer to warm Eren and kill him. This whole is full of boring camera angles and cuts so there is nothing much to talk about that. Then, Mikasa shows up to rescue Eren. She stabs lighting spear into the Warhammer titan’s neck and makes them explode. Mikasa’s movements look extremely stiff, her model looks like she is being manipulated by someone who is just learning to make animations in Garry’s mod. Then we are shown the survey corps in action. Their models look so awfully terrible and their movements look rigid as always. But the most glaring thing about this scene in particular is the lack of OST. Everything feels anticlimactic and unsetting as we are shown survey corps members decimating Marleyian forces. We see no sense of tension or thrill, because of the boring camera work and the lack OST. Also, the survey corps bodies look even more jarring as we see them interact with Marleyian units which are animated in 2D.

The Mikasa vs Warhammer titan fight is a colossal disaster of a scene. First, we see throwing thunder spears to Warhammer titan’s body. She summons a sword in her hand and attempts to catch Mikasa while she is on the air. The way Warhammer titan’s swings her sword is so pathetically slow and clumsy it makes me wonder if she is retarded. Then, Mikasa hits Warhammer titan’s knee with a thunder spear. As she is falling down, she manages to summon another weapon at 7:27. As you can see, we are not able to witness what kind of weapon she is summoning. Because the camera is uncomfortably close to Warhammer titan’s face. The most jarring thing about this scene is that the anatomy of her body is wrong. From the angle of the camera, it seems like she dislocated her neck to tilt her head upward at a 90-degree angle. That would be impossible in real life but what can you expect from these incompetent pieces of shit. The next scene we see Mikasa landing in a building wall. Then, she evades one of Warhammer titan’s attack. But as you may have noticed. We are not able to see what kind of attack Mikasa evaded. Because the whole scene is entirely covered in blue lighting effects and shitty smoke. Seems like they felt exceptionally lazy this time and just decided to not animate Warhammer titan’s whip weapon. Because in the manga we clearly see she attacked Mikasa with a whip.

The next scene is about Eren transforming into a titan. Then, he pulls out Lara Tybur’s cocoon from the ground at 8:08. The way Eren pulls her out from the ground is terrible. Nothing much to say about this. But next scene is exceptionally fucking hilariously bad. As you can see at 8:13. Eren tears apart the cable from which Tybur was connected to her titan form. The animation used in Eren’s model looks like someone who just learned to rig limb joints in Garry’s Mod got in charge of this particular scene. This looks so fucking bad it puts everything we’ve seen so far to shame. I cannot believe this was greenlit. I’ve seen 15-year-olds doing a better job in Unity games. I think this scene is on the same level in terms of quality as Berserk 2016 and RWBY or whatever that shitty show is called. After Eren tears apart Tybur’s cable we witness the Warhammer titan falling down at 12 fps. Notice how weak and pathetic the SFX sounds when she hits the ground. Are we supposed to believe that these mighty titans are as heavy as they seem? There is no rumbling on the ground as she hits the floor, there is no impact at all in this scene and the worst part is that everything gets covered in shitty smoke as always.
Next scene we witness Porco sneaking from behind and biting Eren’s nape. As we can see, there is no sense of suspense or tension in this scene. Due to the fact that titan’s models look fucking terrible and they seem to glow in the dark. We see Porco supposedly biting Eren’s nape but I all we see is just him putting his mouth on Eren’s body. We see no flesh getting teared apart. We see no sense of suspense or thrill in this scene. All we can witness is just some shitty red paint splash effect in Eren’s nape. Levi comes to the rescue and saves Eren from being eaten by Porco by cutting a joint of Porco’s mandible. This part in particular feels lazy and mediocre. We can’t properly see how Levi is cutting the flesh of Porco’s mandible with his sharp blades. We literally see just a sparkle effect in this scene. We don’t really what happened until we see Levi’s face in next camera cut.

What comes after is Tybur summoning her titan again as you can see at 5:37 in this video: The way this scene is arrange is horrendous. When Tybur summons her titan, she impales Eren with tree branch shaped spikes. Again, this scene is being shot uncomfortable close, we can only see Eren being lifted upwards by blue lighting pillars. Next, the camera cuts to Mikasa’s face then it cuts again to show Eren’s body impaled by the spikes summoned by Tybur. The action of Eren getting impaled by the spikes feel awkward and rushed as hell. There is no build up and tension in this part. The camera work shows Eren being lifted upwards by spikes. Then, the next we see Eren we already see him on top of a tree like structure. What kind of lazy direction is that? What comes after is worse. The camera cuts to Mikasa firing a thunder spear to Tybur’s cocoon. The explosion sound it makes is so fucking weak and cheap. I feel like they are using Roblox SFX effects at this point. Next, Eren attempts to bite Tybur’s cocoon but fails in the process at 5:53. What a bunch of lazy fucking hacks. CRAPPA puts the camera closer and closer to Eren’s face to not show us the biting animation. We can’t even see Eren’s face properly, the camera is way too zoomed in so the incompetent lazy fucks at CRAPPA can avoid drawing the biting animation. They just put a blood splash effect in this scene and called it a day. After that we see Eren transforming once again and this time we can the tree like structure summoned by Tybur. The textures of that object looks like they belong in a PS1 game. I’m baffled once again, who the fuck thought this looked remotely acceptable? This looks so fucking awful.

The following scene we see Zeke’s terrible model at 0:58 from: Just look how fucking terrible it looks holy shit. The next action scene made me realize that CRAPPA didn’t cared anymore about this adaptation. I think its safe to say that the following action scene to analyze is easily the most awful and catastrophic piece of shit I’ve ever seen. This puts Berserk 2016 to shame. Nothing can ever come close to 5:33. The sheer amount of eye soring mess this scene is deserves an award. What we witness is CRAPPA’s pitiful attempt at making a dynamic action scene. We see Jean dodging Zeke’s attacks with his 3DMG suit. The camera work is so hilariously bad I busted into laughter the first time I saw this. CRAPPA doesn’t seem to understand how camera dynamics work at all. The most jarring thing is what comes after. Next, we see Porco defying the laws of gravity by perfectly wall running in a horizontal direction like Matrix. Next scene we see Zeke throwing some rocks. Nothing much to say about this other than this scene suck ass as always due to beast titan’s awful model.

I forgot to mention that most character models in season 4 are so inconsistent and badly drawn. Such as the case of the Megamind Pixis and Sasha’s huge forehead at 0:18 of this video: Why is her forehead so big? We would never know. The Pieck vs Survey corps fight is nothing too remarkable to be quite honest. I will not go into details about it. However, there is one hilarious scene at 1:08. We can see Pieck getting blasted into bits Looney Tunes style. Just look at her go lmao. What kind of retarded idiot did this? It seems like the CRAPPA animators love to turn their action scenes into unintended comedy scenes. Forgot to mention that before Pieck fights the survey corps Armin transforms into the colossal titan. This event is completely ruined by the awful OST choice for this scene. CRAPPA never disappoints. They manage to choose the absolutely worst song you could possibly imagine and put it in the most iconic parts of the manga.

What comes after is the Eren vs Porco fight. Despite how hard CRAPPA is trying to make this fight look cool. They utterly fail because the titan models just look fucking awful. They don’t seem to figure out that titan’s models need to blend into the environment buy applying shadows and textures accordingly to the background they are placed in. As a result, the titan models look like they have a natural glow in them. Not to mention that the skin texture used in titan bodies also suck ass. Their skin looks unnaturally smooth and silky. Ruining the immersion for most scenes. In this fight Porco bites Eren’s hand at 2:08 from this video: As you can see, Eren’s hand magically disappears in a shitty blood splash. I know I shouldn’t expect anything more from CRAPPA animators but this is still worth mentioning. Eren eventually defeats Porco and uses his Jaw titan as nutcracker to break Tybur’s cocoon. Yet again, this scene becomes an unintended comedy one because the camera keeps zooming in Eren’s mouth as you can see at 2:15 from: What is this expression trying to convey? Should be feel disturbed by Eren’s ruthless actions or should we laugh at how silly his face expression is? At this point I feel like CRAPPA is trolling us. No sane man could ever watch this scene and say it looks cool and awesome right? What follows after is nothing too remarkable to be quite honest. So, there is nothing much to say about it other than the CGI titans still look like ass.

The next episodes are so boring I don’t remember what happens in them. But one thing I do still remember is about how CRAPPA butchered one iconic scene in the manga once again. I’m talking about the TATAKAE scene. As you can see in this video at 0:32: First of all, the scene looks so blurry and foggy because of CRAPPA horrible composition. Why does Eren’s back look so deformed and strange? I know CRAPPA sucks at anatomy but what the fuck is that? I genuinely cannot believe how someone can fail so spectacularly at drawing people’s back. This is not even the worst aspect of this shitty scene. See Eren’s face? In the manga his eyes are full of determination and chadness. Why does he looks so depressed in the anime? Not to mention his face proportions are also off model. Therefore, he looks like a child in that scene. CRAPPA also ruined the scene where Eren wears his jacket. In the manga, he looks so badass and mighty. But the anime completely disregards how iconic this scene was. Therefore, that scene looks just as mediocre as any other scene in this piece of shit anime adaptation.

Forgot to analyze the last fight scene in season 4 part 1. I’m talking about the Levi vs Zeke fight. As you would expect. CRAPPA also fails miserably to translate this fight into motion. For starters. The colors palette in this fight is specially terrible this time. Everything looks much more blurry than usual. This fight starts by Zeke screaming and transforming all the survey corps around the area. Levi is forced to kill them reluctantly. This scene feels off already, look at this video: and pause at 1:36. Why the fuck is the camera so close again? I can’t even see this dude whole face. Anyways, Levi manages to kill all of them and now he chases after Zeke. Levi is able to catch him quickly but Zeke transform into the beast titan at glorious 12 fps. Another terrible shot is present at 2:38 as you can see. I know this was fixed in the blu ray version but why CRAPPA left it as it was for a long time? I don’t know what the fuck did I suppose to see here? I genuinely cannot understand. The beast titan render gets worse and worse. Now it seems like it is running at 8 fps. The 2D portions are even worse. Look at 3:18 and see how awful the tree branches look in motion. This fight suck ass, there is nothing much to say about it.

CRAPPA cannot learn form their mistakes. They are so lazy and incompetent they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. The first episode of Season 4 part 2 already has its fair share of problems. Such as the scene where Reiner ENTERS and fights Eren one last time. Go to this video: Look at 0:53, now compare that scene to the manga. Reiner looks so badass and intimidating in the manga. The steam coming out of his body adds up to the awesomeness of that scene. Now look at the pitiful anime version. Reiner’s pose looks so ridiculous and silly. He looks like a little kid saying “my mom says its my turn on the Xbox”. Not to mention his whole body is covered in shitty brown smoke as usual. CRAPPA once again is using the same shitty song they always play in action scenes for this fight as well. But this time they are playing a remix version of that song. Because apparently Ashes on fire is the only song they recorded for the OST of this shitty season. The Eren vs Reiner and Porco fight in episode 17 is vastly superior to the fights in previous episodes but still, the intensity of this battle scene is ruined by the awful OST choice. Episode 17 covers only 1 chapter of the manga so the action scenes are stretched and dragged as hell. Therefore, you have to bear Eren getting impaled by Reiner and screaming like a retard for an entire minute straight. I cannot wait to see how CRAPPA utterly shit and piss in the rumbling arc. I expect Ashes on fire being played once again for this part, and the shitty brown smoke hiding most of the destruction caused by the rumbling.

CRAPPA’s adaptation of attack on titian is a colossal failure. The epitome of bad decisions, poor management and catastrophic results. This should be a case study on how not to adapt and anime. CRAPPA manages to ruin every single moment and somehow still making even crappier decisions as time goes on. Attack on titan is forever tarnished and defiled. Season 4 is on part with Berserk 2016 in terms of how awful it looks. CRAPPA should be ashamed of the themselves. What they did was an absolute and spectacular disaster.

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