Aussie Emu Fantasy

Ok so I’m not gay but I’m Aussie and have a fantasy where The emu’s win the emu war and Australia needs to export the cutest femboy slaves to high ranking emu officers for pleasure. I imagine I’m a shy foxy femboy maid with smooth pale skin and being brought into a veteran Emu’s cave to give him pleasure. He has massive daddy muscles and I’m a pathetic shy little aussie femboy. He pulls me into his arms force kissing me and pressing my chest against his feathers. He pins me down on to the rock tearing my cute maid outfit off, he has waited for this for a long time. He teases me with his stench with his massive thicc Emu claws and then he goes all in. screwing me with a force I’ve never felt before. Every thrust makes hum with pleasure. I love the fact I give him pleasure. He cuddles me with his strong masculine Emu legs until I fall asleep.

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