Australia is a satanic stronghold.

Australia is a satanic stronghold.
We all know of the rampant pedophilia, SRA, red shoe clubs and freemasonic luciferian creeps that lurk in the shadows.

The agenda to inject is diabolically evil and it’s interesting to see how one man, an orthodox christian man being No-vax Djockovic, has taken centre position on the world stage right now.

What’s even more interesting is that he has spent the most holy day of the Serbian orthodox calendar in detention in Melbourne…
a city that has completely fallen under satan’s spell.
Even the police wear an upside down pentagram on their shoulders,
so none of this is new to those with eyes to see.

Make no mistake,
spiritual warfare is unfolding right before our eyes and could it be that Novax is symbolically representing the unvaccinated people of the world?

Are we seeing Novax playing an archetypal role of the collective unconscious made manifest for all the world to see one thing very clearly…
That this is good versus evil?

#Australia #satanic #stronghold

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