Average day in Britain

” Oi oi oi, yew got a bloodeh loicentse for ‘aht ‘ere knoif, maite? ” The police officer in the high-vis vest stated calmly, It then hit you that he was not talking to you, but the man who was currently repeatedly stabbing you 36 times in the chest.

The man stabbing you pulled out his knife license to the police officer, and the officer inspects it.
” Alroi alroi alroi, isch aw good then, have a guh’day, maite. ” he said as he backed away.

As the man finished stabbing you, you muttered to yourself as you lay on the cold alleyway floor, bleeding out from the stab wounds: ” Atleas- Atleast… we’v got.. free ‘ealfcare.. and our schkewuls… aren’t a bloody… call of djhootay looby….. ”
As you muttered your final words, you close your eyes and wait for the great beyond of tea & crumpets.

Rule Britannia.

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