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Today, I would like to vent about something. I have been longing for my entire life to say that I’ve finally become an average league of legends player. My weight has exceeded 182kgs(401.241 lbs) and I have fat bulging out of every part of my body. I can proudly say that I have never felt a woman’s touch in my entire life except for my mom. You ask about my mom? Well she went out for shopping about 3 years ago and I don’t know why she isn’t back yet. Same goes for my dad too. He left for milk last year and hasn’t come back either. I am a discord mod and I always do the “kitten roll call” everyday after I wake up. I say, “Is kitty no 1 present today?” and they reply, “Yes daddy 😩”. Since I started playing League of Legends, I have been wanting to become the “average League of Legends player” and so my grindset is pretty hard too. Since I started playing this game, I have never touched grass. Even now, I don’t have an idea what grass feels like. I order food from Taco Bells and eat them as breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am a madghosts mod as well. I also love to use Twitter a lot. Sunlight is something I have never even dreamt about since I started playing this. And yes, I also play FNAF. I even know how to FNAF beatbox. Thank you for listening to this vent of mine. I hope to become a better League of Legends player in the future.

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