average teenage girl’s fantasy

You “get it” once you realize that that is the average teenage girl’s fantasy. They want to get stalked and obsessed over by high value males because it put their egos on a rocket ship to have clearly superior males behaving in a way that signals clear inferiority. They also don’t want these males to be “good people” because that’s boring. They want them to be dangerous because the average woman is an emotional stimulation drug addict, and doesn’t care if some of those emotional hits are negative emotions as long as it’s not all negative.

In twilight, the main girl is a totally passive observer being fought over by powerful beings. She has 0 character development, and exists only to collect ego boosts and drama.

Meanwhile in anime, the male fantasy is to be emotionally loved and supported despite being admittedly losers. There is also a pervasive male fantasy to be a hero, which involves sacrifice and risk for the sake of others.

Comparing Re: Zero to Twilight, Subaru is forced to suffer torture and repeated deaths for the sake of others so that he can be a hero and save them. He is realistically portrayed as a flawed, weak, failure who slowly and painfully learns from his mistakes, matures to become a better person both morally and in his abilities, and shoulders more and more burdens and responsibilities commensurate to his abilities. And he doesn’t get to fuck any of the girls. All he gets is their appreciation and gratitude, and sometimes only after difficulty and delays.

It is through the contrast of Twilight and Re: Zero that you can see how women are fundamentally built to be parasitic to society, saved only by the fact that they produce and rear children, while men are expected to shoulder every other burden in society, and create all upon which the women take and feast.

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