ban u/CummyBot9999

this bot is a fucking mistake. not only he fucking comments garbage that no one likes but makes retarded crap likes commenting retarded shit like ” [lube jizz shit fuck jizz]( “and ” [cum shit lube fuck semen shit nut semen]( ” and he also said “StOp CuMMy AbUSe” what abuse? you mean abuse me pls?lol!

and [SMUT_ADDICT](, [twentyone_21](, and some retarded dumbasses listen. if you can’t ban this shit bot it will new breaking stupidity that can’t even ban this dumbass in the first place. moderators in r/copypasta get you’re fucking ass and ban u/CummyBot9999 for fucking good. i don’t fucking like how he is still on this submadghosts in the first place. like why, GET THE FUCK OUT CUMMYBOT. because you’re useless and a fucking mistake of humanity and of madghosts. congratulations cummybot, you achieve to be the world’s most fucking shittyiest bot ever been! now go fuck yourself retarded bot.

#ban #uCummyBot9999

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