Banned from Planet Fitness

I’m banned for life at planet fitness because they caught me testosterone boosting between sets. I wear bulky sweaters to the gym and I cut a hole in the front pocket. Then I cut a hole in my pants pocket. I can sit down and by putting my arm through the two holes I can jerk of without out anyone seeing. I jerk off and edge between sets at the hot sluts doing ass exercises to boost my testosterone levels and increase my lifts. But then some dumb cardio bitch noticed me staring at a busty whore doing bodyweight squats and shoved me on the shoulder from behind asking what I was doing. I wasn’t expecting it and jumped in shock. I had my earbuds in playing a playlist of women having orgasms (also to boost test) and when I jumped in shock they came out and it started playing really loud and everyone could hear and was staring. Then the cardio bitch looked at me disgusted but she was hot and tall and had a nice rack, and since she was standing over me while I was sitting it triggered my femdom fetish and since I had been edging between sets it was too much for me and I blew my load into my pants. Then she noticed me groaning and squirming and she started freaking out and yelling at me and then I ran out of the gym. They put me on their ban list. Now I just stick to college gyms the sluts are way hotter there.

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