Based Stefan on Watford

While I appreciate the difficulties faced by lower earners , those complaining about the higher earners getting a tax break ( MetroTalk , Tue ) don’t realise that everyone’s struggles and expenses are relative . Not everyone earning more than £ 150,000 is actually ‘ rich ‘ and living on champagne and caviar . I pay for my two kids ‘ private school education to give them the best start in life , I have an investment flat ( for my future pension ) that’s subject to cladding issues and therefore costs , and I have eye – watering legal costs as I sue my local authority on a matter . I have worked damn hard to get to where I am in my career and I’m not going to apologise for welcoming a bit of a tax break from last week’s mini – budget to assist me with these costs . Labour , ironically , wants to punish those who reach the position they encourage the masses to aspire to.

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