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I recently had a player join my clan and try to scam me out of my account & clan. The player, (a max TH14 for reference), randomly joined claiming they were soon quitting and wanted to give away their account to me (🚩), to which I initially declined. However after some convincing, I decided I’d take down his information at the very least, in case I found anyone else who’d want to take over the account. The player claimed they had no social media or form of communication outside of email (🚩🚩), and so they requested my email in order to message me that way. That was how he would “send me his Supercell ID login”. I initially gave them an alternate email that wasn’t linked to my Supercell ID, however they claimed there was “some issue and he didn’t know why, but it wasn’t emailing me for some reason”, so he wanted to try another email (🚩). (It was pretty obvious what his intentions were at this point, but just to be 100% certain of it and to see if there was anything else to this scam, I decided to see this out as safely as possible). After some further discussion, I eventually gave him my main email, (which was linked to my Supercell ID). Low and behold, I receive a notification from my email, “Supercell ID Login”, and you can guess who’s account it was for… (mine, it was a login token for my own account – that was the real thing he was aiming for, and the gist of the scam). He was using my email to login to Supercell ID, and was going to try to trick me into giving him the login token so he could steal my account and clan; (by claiming the login token I received was actually from his email, in spite of it clearly being from SUPERCELL). We talked briefly in chat after that, and all I mentioned was that I never received any login information, or any sort of email whatsoever for that fact, from his stated email in chat. Shortly after that, he became frustrated and left the clan in a fit of rage, blaming me for not getting anything done and claiming it was too difficult. I planned to attach pictures, but I wouldn’t be able to fully explain this in detail if I did, so to that end, please be aware of this player name & player ID: [REDACTED].

This is a scam I can see a lot of people falling victim to, especially our more naïve and ignorant / inexperienced player base. Specifically those who are desperate for a higher level or maxed out account. Having a maxed out account magically appear at your doorstep for free, many people wouldn’t even think twice and do everything they can to try to obtain it. There are many red flags here(some of the biggest I pointed out), that many people can easily miss or ignore, especially those who aren’t familiar with scams or inexperienced and don’t know what to look out for / be cognizant of. Please, do yourself (and, if you’re a leader, the rest of your clan) and DON’T FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

TL;DR – A random max TH14 joined my clan offering his account for free claiming he was quitting soon, wanting to give it to me except he had no social media or other method of communication except email, so he wanted to get my email to “give me his Supercell ID” (trick me into giving him my Supercell ID login token). Again, if you ever find yourself or someone else in this situation or one similar to it, don’t fall for the scam. Don’t give up any of your personal information to anyone, ESPECIALLY someone who just joined your clan / met you / you don’t know. There are many more scams out there aside from this one, and scammers are constantly thinking up new ways to steal your accounts and clans, so please, please, please, ALWAYS be cognizant (aware) of them and NEVER share any sensitive personal information (I know I did here, but that was for science 😅😅🥲 don’t be like me kids).

I made this post to help spread awareness, and hopefully save someone from that horrible situation. If even one person benefits from this, then it will have been worth it.

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