Best friend drew me as a brainlet wojak

So my best friend was drawing the
friend group as wojaks, him as a chad, our other friend as a doomer, one of our friends as a coomer, etc. He showed me the picture and everyone was laughing, but then I saw it. The brainlet wojak. I asked him “wh- who is that?” he smiled and said: “You.” I was fuming with emotions now, felt depressed, sad, and angry. very very very very angry. He saw my blank stare and asked me “Are you okay?” I instantly slammed his face into the table, he said “What the fuck dude!” I then picked up his pencil and stabbed in into his eye. My other friends were freaking out now. And ran upstairs, them chasing me. I walked into my dad’s room and grabbed his gun. They were all screaming now, saying things like “I’m sorry!” or “It was a joke man!” But I opened fire. They all got what they deserved. I returned to the living room and saw my friend crying over the corpses of our friends. I put the gun to the back of his head and said, “learn your lesson?” He sobbed and sobbed but finally said “You’re a fucking sociopath” In return I said “And you’re no chad” and I killed him.
Anyways AlTA? I think I was in the right but the Police is
really disgusted and shit and I’m not quite sure.

TLDR: My friend drew me as a brainlet wojak, so I
massacred our friend group.

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