Bezos the coomer

You ever get the feeling that he’s the Giga-Coomer? That his unlimited wealth has given him unholy access to perversions beyond your wildest dreams?

Jeff Bezos can buy anything he wants and then some, don’t think this is somehow absent from his cooming. He could order a semi-truck full of teenage braps with an airlock entrance so he could go in there for hours at a time. He could literally order a harem of 10/10 brazilian tranny personal chefs on cocaine and have them all cum from into eachothers butts in a human centipede formation. He could feed a 10/10 ukranian model bitch the rarest most expensive steak finished off with a bowl of 100,000 dollar almonds and force her to shit herself by donkey punching her in the back of the head with a nuclear warhead during doggy anal and have his army of brazilian tranny personal chefs collect the shit mush and extract all the undigested nut pieces from the almonds and bake them into a gourmet cake to be eaten at his leisure. He could find a hot bitch on the street and pay her to have her pussy and anus and feet soles and booba skin surgically cut out and turned into fleshlights and replaced with a quilt of foreskins and she’d do it with no regrets. He could pay for entire thirdworld countries to enforce laws banning deodorant for women and corral them into a farm siphoning all the armpit sweat pee and breastmilk they could produce in a week in a giant vat he could swim in for cardio(and go poopoopeepee himself) or shower with or drink.

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