Boners are Vile Parasites.

**Boners aren’t fun!** They are akin to a silent first dinner at your girlfriend’s family table, or that “funny” video you shared where no one so much as chuckled. And you might say, “well at least my boner can’t remind the teacher to hand out the homework” but mind you, these are boners at their best. How are they at their worst, you ask? They are a vile parasite that plots your imminent humiliation of course. But go ahead, hide it! Just put your hands in that front pocket on your hoodie. Oh, but you’re not wearing a hoodie are you? Then just place that box you’re carrying over your crotch. Oh right, you don’t have a box. Maybe you could tuck it in your waist band? Oops, looks like you’re dressed nice and your shirt’s tucked in with a belt! You see, there’s no escaping this. Can’t keep those hands in your pockets forever without someone catching on, you know this. Nowhere to sit and nowhere to hide.

***Welcome to hell.***

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