bosnia moveset (for a fighting game of sorts)

bosnia is a high damage high AOE character with the downside of being extremely slow (because of not having any legs) with a decent amount of endurance

1)explosives – this is your m1 attack , makes a a bomb infront of you that explodes after 0.2 seconds , moderate damage with good AOE

2)rocket smash – this is a secondary to your m1 , summon a rocket in hand then smash it into your opponent dealing high damage with medium AOE , this attack also damages you a bit so be careful

3)landmine – spray five landmines in a short area infront of you , if a opponent steps on one , the mine explodes dealing high damage in a low AOE area best used when those who stand in your way are clustered together

4)artiljerija – this is your “big attack” , spawn a artillery shell and have it explode into the area infront of you , dealing massive damage in in big AOE area

tips and tricks: just spam your attacks lol

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