boyfriend saw my search history…

My boyfriend accidentally saw my browsing history and found out about my fetish for guys wetting themselves and desperately needing to pee without me knowing.

A few days ago, we’ve been watching netflix together and ordering pizza and halfway through the movie he started fidgeting and seemed all around nervous and I was hooked. I watched him closely for a while but he seemed to be focused on the movie so I thought nothing much of it but still couldn’t really take my eyes off him. Eventually I realized he really must be needing to go because he started squirming and for a short moment, he clutched his dick through his pants. I had no idea why he wouldn’t just pause and go piss like he usually would’ve. I assumed that he must’ve been so interested in the movie and that he would be jumping up at any moment, but my brain was already malfunctioning at this point either way since I was so incredibly turned on.

The movie for me was basically over and all I thought was how I wanted this to continue and how I wanted to have sex with him badly. He started breathing deeply and looked like he was trying to calm himself with his hands firmly on his thighs but that only lasted for a moment until I saw how he franticly pushed his hand in his front pocket, squeezing his dick, he then leant forward at the waist and began to rock. I think I blushed at this point because I didn’t know what to think and I felt myself getting wet with desire and I wanted to get my hand into my panties to relief this horniness. I felt so shy, so I just sat there in disbelief and starring at him. While he had kept his eyes on the movie before I now saw how he was suddenly looking at me with his big eyes. He started saying “oh my god I need to pee, I need to pee, I don’t think I can get up anymore, I’m almost pissing myself” while panting and kneading and squeezing his dick through his pants. I never felt so shy in my life while at the same time wanting to jump him and fuck him like never before.

At this point there was already a visible spot on the front of his pants, and he was openly clutching his crotch and moaning as he tried to get up from the couch. He almost instantly bent double and it was audible how it was gushing out of him. He stood there soaking himself, exhaling, looking at me… And I couldn’t hide anything I was so turned on and so embarrassed for being turned on that I didn’t even manage to say a word. I just looked at him hearing myself breathing heavily with my mouth open and he went to his knees in front of me, pulling me to the edge of the sofa and went down on me. Needless to say, I came straight away and was soaking wet for different reasons. And it wasn’t the last time I came that night.

He in between told me then how he didn’t mean to be snooping around but he saw my search history which I forgot to clear and my browsing history while fixing something on my PC for me. He saw search terms like “guys desperate to pee” and “guys desperately wetting” and so on and then went to several pages that I looked at and kept reading. He said he never heard of it before, but it sounded simple enough and he wanted to fulfil my fantasies. He said I could’ve just told him, and he would do anything for me. The best part was he said he enjoyed the adrenaline rush and how turned on I was.

And I can herby confess I love this guy! Now more than ever.

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