BSD is a cuck operating system

Every once in a while I go on some threads and I see someone mention BSD. Whenever I ask why I should use BSD over GNU/Linux, some guy in a punisher t-shirt starts to lecture me about the philisophy of Lionel Richie, and says some non sequitur about systemd. Listen man I have a D ready for you, fucking bitch. I don’t give a fuck about your liberal sociology. I just want Stream to fucking work on my computer. I want my WiFi to work. I’m always told, BSD is a complete operating system, it doesn’t use distros like Linux. And then I look at the fucking piles of BSD DISTROS online. FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, TrueOS, DragonFly BSD. And wow, they all suck, and they’re all distros.

And these are just the online BSD people. Once you get into real life it’s even worse. I go to the BSD conference, and it looks like a fucking Starbucks. It’s all rich millenials and baby boomers, sitting at their fucking Macbook Pros, jacking themselves off about how they run a BSD OS on their fucking Apple shitbox. YOU AREN’T A PRO HACKER FOR RUNNING MACOS, you fucking dipshit. Nobody cares. INSTALL GENTOO!

Okay okay okay okay. I’m at the fucking BSD conference, this guy comes up, George or some shit. It’s that fucking egg man looking guy who is in every BSD shilling video, it’s like it’s his full-time job to tell people to run FreeBSD. He doesn’t even run fucking FreeBSD because in every video I see, he’s sitting at a Macbook Pro running MacOS. Wow, you run your own operating system in a virtual machine only, it must be so great right! He’s always mumbling about how he made the fucking network stack for MacOS. Gee, I wonder how much you got paid for that bud, oh yeah fucking nothing. Great job buddy, happy for you. At least you got Apple to give of the code they added right? Wait, wrong, you didn’t because you used a CUCK LICENSE! Billionaires are making money off of over 20 years of this guy’s fucking work. He got nothing in return, he got no source code. And he’s proud of this, incredible!

Wait a minute, do you hear that?!
Wow, thanks Stallman! It sure does feel good to be free.

Imagine what it’s like being this bald guy, working on a free OS for decades, just for it to be used to spy on users and make billionaires more money. Imagine being proud of this! BSD is a cuck operating system and running it is an embarrassment. This is why you don’t run BSD. Besides it being really bad on desktop, that’s also a reason.

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  1. BSD – Boiling process.

    Every time I see this thread it has something called BSD. When I asked why BSD is used in GNU/Linux, I was surprised that Leonelli Richie thought that computers could not configure the system. Listen, I’m a great guy named Crazy D. Don’t get me wrong with your freestyle. I want to turn on the computer. I want Wi-Fi to work. They claim that BSD is easy to run on Linux. Then I saw a big mountain with RIBBSD DITRO. Free BSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, True OS, DragonFlyBSD. Not everyone is happy, everyone has a place.

    and BSD people only. Things are worse than things. When I visit BSD, I love Starbucks. Rich people and young people will laugh at Apple’s ignorance of BSD on the MacBook Pro. He claims to be an expert in hacking MacOS. Buy Gento for everyone!

    and he will do it. At the BDS meeting, I wanted to know if it was George or not. He is the greedy guy in all BSD videos and makes sure BSD users are always updated on all his work. Watch free movies on MacBook Pro and BSD Mac OS. If the process involves the use of special tools, they should be available. Mac OS complains about data recovery. How Many Flowers? My dear friend, I am glad to see you. The best Apple can offer, right? DO NOT USE A PERSONAL LICENSE! More than 20 years ago, millions of people made money out of big bucks. We don’t need it. You are smart, you are smart!

    Wait a minute, will you hear me?
    You are wrong because there is no GPL company!
    Oh Stallman, sorry! Freedom is right.

    Consider how Crorepati has been a free trial for years, using it to attract buyers with large sums of money. Imagine Aalena being brought into the world by the King of Karma. The BSD system is difficult to use, but difficult to implement. Second, avoid BSD. What’s wrong with the computer?

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