Burger King Review

I went to Burger King yesterday and ordered Small French Fries, Two Burgers, And Small Soda.

The French Fries weren’t that small as they say, I say they were average-sized as the amount is good for the average human to eat, They were tasty, they taste like homemade French Fries but even better, The salt is average but there were about 2 pieces that looked brown and burnt, So I give the French Fries a 8/10.

Next are the Burgers, There was the option to have cheese on them or not and I choose the first option since I like cheesy food, Anyways, One was beef and the other was chicken, I will start with the chicken, I liked it, It was crispy, Had mayonnaise, And some lettuce, And cheese, It was good but it didn’t have a lot on it so I give it a 9/10.

Now for the Beef Burger, It is easily my favorite, Cheese, Onions, Lettuce, Pickles, And of course the beef itself, It was amazing, The flavor of each ingredient melts in your mouth and you can taste every single ingredient, I easily give it a 10/10.

Next is the Soda, You had the choice of what flavor you wanted, There were Fanta, Sprite, And Coke-Cola, It was average Coke-Cola with lots of ice, Nothing else really, It was good, 10/10


Now time for the pros and cons:



Food is tasty.

Lots of choices.



The employees are suffering, I was waiting for my order, And they were talking about how they did not eat a single thing the whole day, Or didn’t get enough sleep, Although they do treat you greatly.

One of my friends bought the same stuff as me, Though I got a packet of ketchup while he did not, Big mistake Burger King.


Overall I would say Burger King is a 9.5/10, The food is average and homemade burgers are a hundred times better but if you compare it to any other Burger Chain like McDonald’s, Burger King is easily on top.

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