Butt hurt rappers be like

All you guys say you hate mumble rap but DJing takes no skill. You think your so good with your auto tunes and samples but you never wrote a verse in your life . And anyways it’s just a style the flow still has to be there . You don’t even have a flow when you are a studio DJ, producer, you honestly just push buttons and just push record. Your lucky real talent rappers like me can bless your mic that you wouldn’t even be able to afford with out me. One time in the studio one DJ told me “bro I should get half your royalties because I basically wrote this entire song” and I was like, first of all your not royalty you are basically just an upgrade version of playing with legos in your moms basement, and bro you should just give me your chick because I got your studio so popping. SMH man the ego on you DJs. Anyways keep pushing buttons acting like your doing something but you will never be a legendary dj like Dre or baetoven . If your job is so hard tell me why there is big DJs who are only 10 years old. Your basically baby boy. Try to write a verse and then talk kid

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  1. every peasants say that he hates rape, but he is not skill. she considers she is also to sing the melody and the sample, but she did not write in the story. it is only a style that continues. we are not moving even when we are DJ-em, producer, but button and just recording. more, real rappers can, for example, be blessed that you will not be able to let me. One time in the studio, one dj told me that “it was half of a tant, because I wrote the whole” and I was the first of my royal, it is the basic version of the game with the legislators and I should say that your studio is using each other. “smh man the ego on you djs.” if it happens, why it is very difficult to say it is my dj, which is only 10 years old. it is the primary child. try to write poems and speak with children.

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